Minimalist Tips

Ive started my minimalistic journey, slow but it is growing..

Minimalism to me is having a simpler life, stress free, clutter free and be free from the consumerism idea that we need more “things.” Things include tv, tons of books, closets stuffed with clothes we never wear.. It is much simpler to go into a closet and be able to see all of your clothes and be able to pick an outfit out easily. Counters should be clear except for the necessities you need everyday.

I’ve started On this minimalism journey and my life is already simpler and stress free. Want to join me, I’ll post some tips as I come across them. Let’s journey together..

Ive realized I love getting rid of “stuff” it is such a liberating feeling. Unsubscribing from emails is wonderful, no more emails all day, it is nice just to receive the important emails. Going through your car is freeing too, do you really need everything in your car? Probably not. It is nice to get into a clean and organized car..

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